Anubis Chain

Getting Started with Anubis Chain

Most of the activity on the Anubis Chain happens on various dapps (decentralized apps). To interact with them, you can use a browser extension that will connect your wallet with the dapp. Metamask is one such popular wallet extension.
By default, Metamask connects to Ethereum. To connect to Anubis Chain, you need to add Anubis Chain as a custom network.
In Metamask you can create a new account and send funds to it from your main Anubis Chain wallet, or import the existing Ethereum Wallet account. You can import the account either by using the secret passphrase . If you use the Ledger hardware wallet, you can use it in Metamask too. It will connect to your wallet and have the same balances/addresses as if you accessed your wallet on the wallet website.
Last modified 5mo ago